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Mike E. Winfield

MIKE E WINFIELD is taking some major leaps in this comedy game. His is an updated version of uncut funny. He is currently one of the fastest rising comedy stars on the scene. He's been on Showtime's Comics Without Borders hosted by Russell Peters, Comicview on BET, Comic's Unleashed with Byron Allen, and Last Comic Standing on NBC. Who knows where you've seen him? You may have seen him at the grocery store or at any comedy club delivering material in a story-telling format that leaves you captivated. You can catch him often in the Bay Area of Northern California. That’s where he's been playing the majority of his shows. That’s where the magic of his standup began. That’s where he first bombed horribly. No, he never bombs. His vision is clear and his purpose is being seen one city at a time. He's originally from Baltimore, MD but now resides in Sunny California. He left Baltimore after high school. He physically left, but there's many aspects of B-more life that still live inside of him. So much is going on in his life today. He and his Dad have been in major conflict because of some of Mike E's decisions. His marriage is complicated like facebook says. She wants to do things her way instead of doing things his way (a simple way to put it). Sometimes women don't listen. Sometimes they do. Men too. TV, movies, writing, and standup are more aspects that have to be balanced. Righteousness. Have you met Mike E Winfield? One can say that he is actually one of the most amazing personalities that you will ever get the chance to be around. He has this magnetic presence and you just feel comfortable being around him, and that is normally the result at his shows, and he sells the coolest shirts. Go to his store here online where you can purchase them now. Tune in to Comedy Central's Live at Gotham on DEC 4TH to catch him on the tube. This is his Comedy Central debut. Leave comments on his youtube. Thank you for visiting.

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